Confetti and Streamers

Confetti and Streamers are safe for indoor and outdoor use, and are great for creating thrilling visual effects. With a wide variety of different types of confetti cannons, Paper and Vapor FX can accommodate your needs and venue coverage areas. We have many colors, shapes, sizes, and materials for you to choose from. You can also customize the confetti with your own personalized logo.

  • Single Shot Confetti Cannon:

These cannons come in 2 styles, air pressure and COcartridge. They are ideal for for corporate events, theatrical productions, parade routes, gyms, sports arenas, weddings, or just about anywhere. The cannons will launch confetti or streamers around 30 feet. The confetti cannons can be set on a stage or mounted on a standard truss. They can run off standard 110V AC power or a lighting board with a NON-DIM circuit. Multiple cannons can be fired all at once or on separate cues with the use of a DMX relay pack. These units will either require an air compressor or a CO2 cartridge.

  • Continuous Flow Confetti Blower:

The blower can release confetti in multiple bursts or continuously for approximately 45-60 seconds. Ideal for larger venues, parades, and sporting events. The continuous flow blower will shoot at a vertical height of around 50 feet, blowing confetti at a rate of 10 lbs / minute. These units will require a 20-lb or 50-lb. CO2 tank.

  • Handheld Confetti Launchers:

The handheld launcher provides a one time, manually fired, shot of confetti or streamers to a height of approximately 30 feet. These handheld confetti launchers weigh less than 1 lb, and are very simple to operate and work well for parties, weddings or other special events. The launcher require no electricity. They only need a CO2 cartridge to operate, that can be quickly swapped out to be reused.

Please visit our Youtube channel for demonstration videos.

Paper and Vapor FX Tissue Streamer Colors

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