Cryogenics and CO2

Cryo is a CO2 based effect the Paper and Vapor FX specializes in. It’s a powerful attention grabbing effect that puts out a loud sound and large burst resembling white smoke. This is an instant on / instant off effect that clears in seconds. Cryo is perfect for getting someones attention, hiding a reveal, or creating a breathtaking entrance. Cryo is great for DJs, dance parties, and sporting events.

  • Cryo Jet:

A cryo jet shoots a dense white column approximately 20 ft high. They can run off standard 110V AC power or a lighting board with a NON-DIM circuit. Multiple jets can be instantly fired all at once or can dance around on separate cues with the use of a DMX relay pack. These units will either require a high pressure liquid CO2 tank or a low pressure COdewars tank with a run time of around 1 lb/second.

  • Cryo Gun:

A cryo gun is a self contained portable unit. The operator will wear a CO2 tank on a backpack while holding a manually triggered gun for a directional blast of a dense white column approximately 15-20 ft long. The gun requires no electricity and can be used in multiple bursts or continuously for approximately 20 seconds.

Please visit our Youtube channel for demonstration videos.

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