Fog, Smoke, and Haze

Paper and Vapor FX offers you different ways to create your atmospheric effects. With our Fog, Smoke and Haze machines, Paper and Vapor FX can help create everything from a spooky, ominous feel to a romantic and heavenly one. We also have the ability to create a low line fog effect without the use and mess of dry ice. This can give the look of you walking or dancing in the clouds, while the fog stays only a few inches off of the ground.

  • Fog:

Fog machines create a clean, white, and dry cloud of smoke great for DJs, bands, clubs, and theaters. Once heated, our fog machines can run constantly until they run out of fluid without a reheat cycle time. They will need their own 110V AC, 15 amp circuit, and can be controlled manually or by DMX. We use fog fluid that is PLASA, ETSA, and Equity compliant.

  • Low Line Fog:

Our low smoke generators (LSG) creates an odorless, non-irritating, non-toxic, and non-flammable cloud of smoke that bonds with liquid CO2 to produce a completely dry, low lying fog that acts the same way as dry ice but without the wet residue. The LSG creates the look of a rolling cloud perfect for weddings, musicians, and haunted houses. The LSG uses a faster dissipation fluid to assist the look that is PLASA, ETSA, and Equity compliant. Depending on the run time needed, these units will either require a high pressure liquid CO2 tank or a low pressure COdewars tank. The LSG will also need it’s own 110V AC, 15 amp circuit and can be controlled manually or by DMX.

  • Haze:

Haze is best known for rock concerts, night clubs, and haunted houses as the light smoke cloud in the air that lets you see the light beams. We offer water based hazers that can be controlled manually or by DMX. They are great for indoor events do to them being nearly silent. We also offer mineral oil based machines that are known for their use in rock concert and film and television productions. Both styles are equity compliant.

  • Dry Ice:

We offer dry ice machines for venues that do not allow low line fog to be used. The dry ice machine will run for around 4 minutes and cover a much smaller area, approximately 20 x 20. Dry ice can cause the floor to get damp and will need it’s own 110V AC, 15 amp circuit.

We also do a dry ice champagne tower. This is created with champagne glasses beautifully stacked with random pieces of dry ice placed in the glasses that will start to smoke when the champagne is poured down the tower. These are great for weddings and toasts.

Please visit our Youtube channel for demonstration videos.

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