Snow and Foam

Paper and Vapor FX can help you create your Winter Wonderland. With our evaporative snow machines, we can create a flurry to a blizzard without the need of your winter coat. We can even make the snow glow in the dark with UV light if you want it to.

Paper and Vapor FX’s foam machines can turn any event into a foam party! In just a few minutes we can fill a 20 x 20 area a few feet thick with fun fluffy foam. We can even tint it a different color than white. Foam is safe for both indoors and outdoors, but the foam machine does output a lot of water, so it is recommended for outdoor use.

  • Snow:

Our snow machines are capable of creating a light, fluffy snowfall, all the way up to a snow storm, by simply adjusting the variable level control. 1 gallon of snow juice will last approximately 20-40 minutes with a distance of 15 ft.

  • Foam:

A foam party is a unique and fun experience for everyone. Our machines can quickly fill a 20 x 20 area with light fluffy foam. Our foam machines can be used indoors or outdoors, but we highly recommend an outdoor event, do to the foam being made from a water diluted solution. There will be liquid on the ground! People often wonder what to wear in the foam. You can wear anything you want; but wool, leather, and dry clean only fabrics are not recommended! Appropriate shoes, and ziplock bags for your phones are. Our foam machines require a constant connection to a water feed due to using around 50 gallons per 30 minutes.

Please visit our Youtube channel for demonstration videos.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here. Contact us now for all of your unique holiday effects and party needs. Get your confetti and streamers while they are still in stock.

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